Milton Berg’s Guide to Technical Analysis and the Stock Market

Coming in late 2024!

There are so many different ways of analyzing the stock market and especially in today’s ever-changing climate it has never been more useful to have a source to turn to for all of the knowledge that Milton Berg, a 45-year veteran of the financial services industry, has compiled throughout his entire career. Milton’s first published book for the general public, Milton Berg’s Guide to Technical Analysis and the Stock Market, has a target release date of late 2024.

This book will offer precepts that require discipline dedication and much work. It gives data-based methods with the potential for creating enormous wealth through stock market trading and investing. However, half measures will not succeed, and many who attempt to use the methodology will fail. Although, if one gives credence to the ideas and indicators put forth in this book, and if one is willing to act upon the ideas and strategies we have developed and will present in this book, then a successful life of wealth creation through investing and trading the stock market is an attainable goal.

Covering all the indicators that we follow would be an impossible task. We follow thousands of indicators and have produced over 69,000 pages of reports since 2014. What we can do in this book is highlight the methodology we use and the most viable and useful tools for day-to-day investment and trading analysis.

We intend to follow this book with an encyclopedic work that will review all major market lows and highs since 1928.


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